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Re: Non Trek Fic: Lawndale and Sandi Griffin's Genie

Chapter 6: The Eventful Evening Part 1
Sandi had searched the North Dega Mini-Mart and found that Elias wasn’t there. ‘Of course not,’ she thought as she grabbed the walkie-talkie...

Elias, you are, like, not at the North Dega Mini-Mart!” Sandi said.

“I’m back at Lawndale High,” Elias said.



I’m going there now,” Sandi said.

“Good trick, leading Sandi in circles,” Nicole said, after a moment. Elias looked uncomfortable. “Maybe a not so good trick,” she murmered.

“Yeah,” Elias said, thinking.

“Someone has to do it,” Nicole said.


Cedars of Lawndale
Jennifer looked at the time. “5:30. Time I went home,” she said.

“That’s ok. Thanks for being here,” Kristen said.

Jennifer smiled. She looked to Cindy.

“I’ll stay here a while longer,” Cindy said.

“Are you sure?” Jennifer asked.

“Yes,” Cindy said.

“I’ll be back right after breakfast,” Jennifer said.

“Cool,” Kristen said.

Jennifer said goodbye to all three others and then left the room.

Back at Schloss Morgendorffer (as Daria and Jane called the place sometimes), Mystik Spiral, as in Max and Nick, were still bickering.

“I can go look,” Jeffy said.

“Good, but Trent may have parked you in,” Daria said.

“No, I didn’t, I parked it where you had parked it, Daria,” Trent said.

“Ok then, but where did you have in mind?” Daria asked.

“The Lawndale Mall, that’s where I would go,” Jeffy said.

“Sure, who wants to join him?” Daria asked.

“I will,” Stacy said.

“So will I,” Joey said.

“I will too,” Samara said.

“Cool,” Jeffy said.

“Tiffany?” Stacy asked.

“I’ll wait for Mommy,” Tiffany said.

“Ok,” Stacy said.

“Let’s go,” Jeffy said.

The quad quickly left, saying that they would be back later in the night.

Jane turned on the kitchen radio. “Just what I was thinking,” Daria said.

“Sure,” Jane said.

It was 5:34 when Sandi called She had called a taxi. (It was waiting in the traffic circle at the front of the school as she spoke.)
“Elias. You are not, like, here at Lawndale High! Where are you?” she demanded.

I’m at Cluster Burger,” he said.

“You had better be, like, there when I get there!” she threatened.

Maybe,” Elias said as he signed off.
A short time after this Nicole asked Elias “Don’t you think that it may be time that you got away from here?”

“Who would be chasing me here? Sandi thinks I am in a different part of Lawndale and Dennis is also looking elsewhere.” He wasn’t sure who else would be chasing him at that moment.

“What of Andrea Hecuba?” Nicole asked.

That brought Elias up short. He had not thought that she would be chasing him.

“I wouldn’t worry; all she wants the emerald for is for the status quo to be restored,” Elias said.

“Then I would wish that the remaining damage caused by that tornado would be repaired,” Nicole said.

‘Why didn’t I think about that earlier?’ he asked himself. “Good idea. Thanks Nicole.” He grabbed the emerald. “I wish that all damage in Lawndale that was caused by the tornado, that wasn’t repaired earlier, would be repaired.”

Through the parts of Lawndale hit by the tornado, the minor damage that escaped the earlier repair was repaired.

Jeremy noticed this. “Tornado damage repaired. It is almost exactly the same, accounting for the differences between Smithton and Lawndale,” he said. He was walking along Dega Street at the time, talking quietly.

Jeffy, Joey, Samara and Stacy arrived at the Lawndale Mall. “What’s our plan? The emerald wouldn’t just be lying on the ground,” Stacy said as she got out of the car.

“We’ll look for Sandi, Quinn or Elias,” Samara said.

“Cool,” Jeffy said.

“And then what? We find the person who has the emerald. What happens then?” Stacy asked.

“We keep an eye on them, ensure that they don’t wish for anything that would be detrimental to Lawndale as a whole,” Samara said.

“Good plan,” Stacy said.

“I agree,” Jeffy said as he locked the car. They headed into the Mall.

Sandi called Elias from Cluster Burger. “You are, like, not here!” she said.

“I’m at McDonalds,” Elias said.

Ok,” Sandi said. Elias could hear her aggravation over the airwaves.

Sandi left Cluster Burger. Back at that chain restaurant the manager sent a message to her superior...

Jeremy arrived back at the municipal bus stop outside the Lawndale Court House. He had decided to go back to the Lawndale State campus.

Helen arrived home at 5:45, parking her SUV beside Jake’s Lexus. (Tom had moved his rustbucket to the curb.
‘I see that Trent’s band is here,’ she thought.

“...So, tomorrow we are going to scour all of Lawndale?” Trent said as Helen entered.

“Wasn’t that what I just said?” Daria asked.

“I see you have been planning, yourself,” Helen said.

“Yes, Mom,” Daria said.

“Have you heard from Quinn?”

“We haven’t,” Daria said.

“Jeffy, Joey and Stacy are looking at the Lawndale Mall,” Jane said.

“If she doesn’t call by 8:00, I’m going to look myself,” Helen said.

“I’m sure she can look after herself. She goes on multiple dates a night, after all,” Daria said.

“I’m sure she can, but I’m still worried,” Helen said.

At 5:48, after having run down Ford Street, Sandi arrived at McDonalds. She could see Angie Zammit, one of the Lawndale High cheerleaders, working there. She walked up to her.
“Hi Sandi,” Angie said.

“Is, like, Elias Howarth here?”

“I haven’t seen him. Are you going to take an order?”

“Ooh! He is so dead!” Sandi raged.

“He has that emerald, doesn’t he?” Angie asked.

“Yes!” Sandi said, as she flipped open the walkie-talkie. “Sandi to Elias, you are not in McDonalds!”

I am in Blockbuster,” Elias said. There was a lot of static in that transmission.

‘There could be interference,’ Sandi thought.

“Sounds like he is near the edge of Lawndale, not right next door,” Angie said, having overheard the conversation.

‘Now that I think about it, that’s obvious,’ Sandi thought. “Elias, According to Angie, you are like, much further away.”

I’m in High Hills Park,” Elias said.

“Right,” Sandi said, as she closed the walkie-talkie. “I’ll have some small fries, no salt,” she said to Angie.

“Coming right up!” Angie said.

When she had got her fries, Sandi left McDonalds in the direction of High Hills Park...

Louisa came to Elias who had just bought some nuts from Nutty, Nutty, Nutty World. “Andrea is here at Cranberry Commons,” she said.

“I wouldn’t worry, I don’t think she wants to take the emerald,” Elias said.

“I’m not so sure,” Louisa said.

Elias could see that she was concerned. “You could keep an eye on her,” he said.

That alleviated some of Louisa’s concern. “I will do that,” she said.

Lawndale Mall
Samara came out of J.J. Jeeters “Elias isn’t there either,” she said.

“Right, the next store,” Joey said.

“Yes,” Stacy said.

The four walked to the next store. “Teuton’s Toys. For all German-produced toys,” Samara said.

“Sounds cool,” Joey said.

‘Of course it sounds cool!’ Samara thought.

“Let’s search it!” Stacy said.

“Absolutely,” Jeffy said. They went into the store.

It was 6:05 when Sandi arrived in High Hills Park. She went to the middle of the park and used her locate ability to determine whether Elias was in the Park.

When her perceptions encompassed the entire park without finding Elias within its boundaries, she snapped out of it, knowing it would be useless to try to use it to locate him elsewhere in Lawndale.
She then took out the walkie-talkie. “Elias, You, like, are not in High Hills Park!”

I’m at Pizza Forest,” Elias said.

“Right,” Sandi said, dubiously. She wasn’t sure that he would be there.

I am there,” Elias said, with a taunting tone.

Sandi decided to go to Pizza Forest anyway.

Quinn had gone through one volume of the Encyclopaedia Britannica. There was hardly any reference to genies. ‘Maybe I should have chosen the G volume of the Micropaedia, rather then the A volume of the Macropaedia, she thought She went to get that volume.

1111 Glen Oaks Lane
Daria and Jane were up in Daria’s room listening to the radio when Helen entered the room. “Daria, Jane, Dinner is ready,” she said.

“It’s Dad’s cooking, isn’t it?” Daria asked.

“Yes,” Helen said with a sigh.

“We’ll be right down,” Daria said, getting up.

“What do you think we’ll find?” Jane asked after Helen had gone.

“Lot of spices,” Daria said.

Daria entered the Dining Room to find Nick setting the table whilst his bandmates and Tom sat waiting and Tiffany stared out of the window.

Jake entered the room after them carrying a large pot that looked like it contained some sort of stew and place it on the table.

“Hey, kiddo, you any idea when those others will be back? There’s enough for them too.”

“No idea. It could be half an hour to an hour,” Daria said.

“I think you may have underestimated my brother’s friends’ appetites too, Mr. M,” Jane said.

“Oh! I guess I will have to cook some more.”

“You will not!” Helen said.

“But, Helen!”

“You can cook more if it runs out,” Helen said.

“Ok,” Jake said.

Daria and Jane then sat at the table.

Louisa found Andrea in a Coffee Lounge in the food court in front of Cashmans.

Andrea saw her approaching and wondered what she would say.

“I think Elias is in Cashmans,” Louisa said.

“I have already looked there,” Andrea said.

“He may have gone in while you were at the back of the store, and gone around the same direction you did.”

“In that case I will look in there again.”

“Cool,” Louisa said, as she headed back towards the food court.

“Samara, Stacy, Joey and Jeffy exited Teuton’s Toys. “That was cool, but no emerald,” Samara said.

“Let’s search a few more stores, and then go back to Quinn’s for dinner,” Joey suggested.

“Let’s do it,” Stacy said.

“Sure,” Jeffy said.

Jeremy arrived back at Penton Hall at 6:16. He then went to Dinner.

Louisa found Elias at a newsagency. “I tricked Andrea into Cashmans,” she said.

“Thanks, Lousia,” he said, although he wasn’t sure tricking Andrea was really a good idea. ‘She’s scary.’

“You’re welcome.”

Cedars of Lawndale
“Six Twenty,” Cindy said.

“Huh?” Kristen asked.

“6:20, Mom will be wondering where I am,” Cindy said. “Add to that the events of this afternoon, and...”

“That’s ok. You can go home if you want or need to,” Kristen said interrupting.

“I’ll be back shortly after breakfast,” Cindy said. She gave her best friend a hug.

“See ya,” Kristen said.

“Thanks for being here for her,” Keith said.

Cindy waved with a smile as she left the room.

At 6:26 Sandi arrived at Pizza Forest. She took very little time in determining that Elias wasn’t there. ‘I bet that he is at Cranberry Commons,’ she thought, sure that asking where he was again would be an exercise in futility.

She ordered a cheeseless pizza, and endured the evil of the ‘singers’.

Jeffy, Joey, Stacy and Samara arrived back at the Morgendorffers, Jeffy parking his car beside the Tank and behind Helen’s SUV.

Samara sniffed the air as she entered the house. “Something smells good,” she said.

“Oh, no! They started dinner without us!” Stacy said.

“I’m sure that they would have saved some, Stacy,” Samara said.

“I hope so!” Stacy said.

They entered the dining room, to find Mystik Spiral still eating, Tiffany looking blankly at a plate still half full of food, Jane and Tom looking out the window, and Daria writing in a notepad.

“Where are your parents?” Stacy asked Daria.

“Upstairs. Mom got a call from her boss, and Dad is fretting about seeing squirrels in the backyard. There is food left in the pot for all of you.”

“Ok, but Squirrels?” Stacy asked.

“He’s convinced that they are large rats out to get humanity,” Daria said.

“That’s weird,” Samara said as she took some soup out of the pot.

“You don’t know the half of it,” Daria said as Joey and Jeffy also got some food.

“Ok,” Stacy said nervously as she also went to get food.

As Cindy entered her house, her mother ran and hugged her. “I was so worried, where were you?” she admonished.

“At the hospital; something happened to Kristen as part of the strange events.”

Ms. Robinson-Brolsma drew back from her daughter and looked at her in concern. “What happened? Is she ok?”

“Some weird energy struck her at school and affected her voice. It is slowly getting better,” Cindy said.

“Oh dear!”

“That’s not all, I actually had that emerald at lunchtime,” Cindy said.

“I heard about it, but I wasn’t sure if it was the truth.”

“It’s real alight. I had it, but I lost it when I accidently collided with other kids.”

“Can’t help that now.”

They hugged each other and then her mother reheated her dinner in the microwave.

At the library, one of the middle school kids came up to Quinn. “I think I have found something,” he said, as he held out a book.

“What is it?” Quinn asked, as she took the book.

“It’s a book of legends. My teacher says that all legends have a kernel of truth to them,” he said.

Quinn thought. She remembered Mr. DeMartino and possibly at least one of her teachers back in Highland saying something similar. She looked at the cover.

Selected Arabian Legends.

“Look at the legend on Agrabah. It’s a city in eastern Jordan.”

“But that area is mostly desert,” Quinn said, remembering something from geography classes.

The boy opened the book and pointed to the map of Jordan showing the location of Agrabah.

“Oh! Thanks, Ken,” Quinn said. She then turned to the legend in question.

She quickly found the information that had piqued Ken’s interest.

Agrabah is the source of many tales about Aladdin, the suiter of the last Sultan of Agrabah’s daughter, and an adventurer who defended the city against many threats. Many of the tales involve a genie whom Aladdin has befriended.

The most prominent tale, adapted into an animated film by the Disney Corporation, is the tale of how Aladdin defeated the Sultan’s evil Vizier, Jafar...

There are many versions of this tale, but they all agree that there was a genie involved.

‘That is interesting,’ Quinn thought. She had seen that film but didn’t think it relevant to the situation at hand. ‘But only a few of the aspects of the film would be based on the real event...’ She continued to read the entry on Agrabah.

In Cranberry Commons, Scarlett was wandering through the shops, wondering what would happen next. “I know something is happening soon,” she said as she entered a mostly empty shop.

“What do you mean?” Roger asked quietly. He was sure that no one would hear him talk, or see him.

“I sense something. And you do remember that time journey...”

Roger nodded before Scarlett could elaborate further. That had been rather harrowing adventure. ‘And this is the 1999 trouble?’ he thought.

In the Morgendorffer’s backyard the Squirrels at the Glen Oaks post were discussing their options regarding the Emperor’s edict.

“We have to be careful,” one of the squirrels said.

“That’s a given,” Captain Jaywi said.

“Then we need to plan how we would snatch the emerald from whichever human it happens to be...”

“Correct,” Captain Jaywi said, wondering when they would get to the point.


The squirrels continued planning.

Quinn finished reading the Agrabah legends. ‘It’s interesting, but it’s still just a legend,’ she thought with a sigh. However she decided to try to look up Agrabah in one of the encyclopaedias. ‘There has to be something.’

She grabbed the closest A volume.

Jennifer finished dinner and switched on the radio. ‘There should be further information by now,’ she thought.

At 6:55 Andrea found Elias. “Give me the emerald, Elias. You should not have told Dennis about it,” she said.

‘She’s blaming me for that?’ Elias thought. “I couldn’t have known that he would react in that way,” he said.

“It was still irresponsible! Give me it!”

“No, Andrea,” Elias said, wondering why she was acting this way.

“Then I have to take it by force,” she said. Andrea proceeded to do just that.

“Stop!” Elias cried out. After a brief struggle Andrea had taken a hold of the emerald. She then ran off...

“Hey Andrea, give it back!” he said.

Andrea just continued running off...

Elias ran after her and grabbed the walkie-talkie... He had to warn the others. “Elias to Quinn, Andrea Hecuba has the emerald! Are you able to get to Cranberry Commons?”

Oh no! I will be there as soon as I can, Quinn out,

Elias could hear that she was distressed by what he had told her. He hoped that she would be able to get to Cranberry Commons quickly.
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