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Re: "A Running Start"

Thanks for the positive comments! Wow, I didn't expect it to be this well received somehow, haha.

And yus, this is my first finished and posted fanfic, but I have been writing for many years, and I do almost no fanfic writing outside of Trek. Hard part is actually finishing stories; I get a lot of ideas for plotlines, characters, settings, etc... but actually writing out the story is what kills me. This month's challenge theme made me think of this scenario, which I already had planned (the basic events anyway, not the details), but had never attempted to write out.

Sandoval wrote: View Post
That's your first attempt at fanfic!?

It's a fantastic piece of work that is very well written, descriptive and nicely-paced so it moves along well.
I was worried that the longer stretches (especially the scene with Yuri and the captain) would drag, so this is nice to hear!
mirandafave wrote: View Post
Colour me impressed too. A very interesting introduction here to the crew of the Dauntless. You don't give much away about the various crises Starfleet has faced in recent times but it hints towards more to come in the future.
Yeah. I thought about trying to expound more on what was going on, but decided against it in the end cause I couldn't figure a way to impart information that the reader would need, but make it seem like a natural conversation between characters who already know everything that's going on (and also, because of how many extra words it would have been, since I was aiming for a challenge entry at the time).
For now, Yuri is settling into her new post and it seems there is a lot to contend with in trying to fill the shoes of someone else. It served as a really neat way to introduce some of the characters and hint at some dynamics for the future.

Though I have to say, what really impressed me was the opening section, with Yuri travelling in the elevator through the ship yard and seeing the various ships before sighting her own new berth. That was magical and fantastically written. I was struggling with a new story introduction and had something like this in mind but I couldn't quite get it to work right. Reading your introduction, I've deleted mine! Back to the drawing board. You made it seem effortless yet conveyed the scene and the feelings of the new XO about her new assignment all in one. Super job. (yes - I am envious)
Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I wasn't aiming to make anyone envious of course.
Sandoval wrote: View Post
Agreed, it does capture the wonder of boarding a brand-new starship perfectly. I also like the era in which it is set - far enough into the 'future' without going too far.
Yeah, I've always been wary of setting things TOO far ahead in a Trek story, but at the same time, I wanted breathing room in order to establish some of my own backstory elements.
Despite my unwarranted reputation as the scourge of the fanfic forum I have no problem heaping praise upon those who deserve it, and this has impressed me greatly.
I haven't been participating in discussions in this forum enough to comment on the rep, but I appreciate the positive feedback!

Now, as for these comments:
Welcome to the fanfics boards. May your stay be a long one with lots more stories to come.
I look forward to reading more of your work Saito.
That's... a little more complicated. Not saying I WON'T be writing more, but I'm not sure. Here's how it is:

As I said, I've been writing for a while, but have completed relatively little. I started planning out these Trek stories (the Dauntless, along with a few other ships/crews, including the Leviathan) years ago, partly for running Trek RPs, but certainly with the intention of writing the stories out for their own sake as well. Since then, I've written up a lot of plot outlines, and I have bits and pieces of actual story, but mainly due to just not having had a lot of time for writing in the last couple of years, I haven't made much real progress (on Trek or anything else, outside of NaNoWriMo).

More recently, I've rethought the idea of putting a lot of time and effort into Trek. I really like the setting, but... it's not mine. I do want to possibly publish something someday (I know I know: I have to finish some stories first ), and publishing Trek... is really not in the cards, for a number of reasons. In addition, there's another sci-fi world I've been trying to develop, that more recently has taken on a shape that would allow me to "transplant" the Trek stuff that IS entirely mine (my races, some characters, some plotlines, etc) into it, thus enabling me to use them in a setting that's actually my own creation. So I had decided to mostly table Trek in favor of wholly original works.

Then this challenge inspired me to write up this sequence. So as for writing more Trek... I dunno. I had fun writing this, but I do worry that I'm taking time and creative energy away from my original stories if I write much more. So I'm just not sure.

tl;dr version: I'm torn between writing more Trek, and spending that time on original works.

Thoughts on that as well as on the story itself are welcome, and thanks to anyone who reads the above for indulging my little woe is me moment there.

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