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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

I remember watching this thinking how sweet it was to see Odo confessing his love to Kira after her heartache with Bareil. Then of course the rug is cruelly pulled out from us, and instead it took like another two years for him to tell her, then another year after that to get together!

I love Odo/Kira. I thought Odo's seemingly unrequited love was something we could easily identify with, and easily sympathise alongside him. When this turned into an actual relationship I was very pleased, and was a blubbering wreck at the end when they were seperated.

Nog joining Starfleet Academy was a masterstroke. I'm so glad they went with the less obvious Jake-in-Starfleet option and plumped for something that gave Nog brilliant development over the series.

And as for Odo singing Louie Louie with Chief O'Brien while rafting (!) I think the writers kept sneaking in wackier, perhaps more epic ideas of holosuite adventures because they didn't have the time or money to these things. Sure, we ended up with a baseball and all the Vic Fontaine episodes in the end, but at that time in season three the thought of the pair of them was enough for me.
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