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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

1) The Artist (2011) - A+
2) Midnight in Paris (2011) - B
3) Tree of Life (2011) - F
4) The Descendants (2011) - B

I was very surprised about this movie. The Trailer was very very misleading, because it kind of made this movie look like a comedy. Well, it was anything but a comedy, as it was one of the more depressing movies I've seen in a while. However, I still did enjoy it, as it did explore the concepts of loss and being a single father trying to get through that loss while raising two daughters (Who were foul-mouthed by the way). I like anything Clooney does, and he was very good here, but I wonder if the Academy nominated him just because he's George Clooney. I didn't find anything oscar worthy in this film and think now that The Artist is going to clean up Director, Actor, and Picture. It was a good film, but a very depressing film.

Theatre: 2 (+1)
BluRay: 0
On Demand: 0
Internet: 2

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