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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Request to join the TBBS Armada

erika gabriel@nickmariner

Joined at the start of F2P, I think I've spent about oh, 40-50 dollars in costumes and interiors, though my best purchase was the TMP costumes and the TOS bundle. As nice as the Galaxy and Destiny Bridges are, the fact that the default interiors blow ass in comparison to the TOS interior in terms of (physically acceptable) scale and interactivity.

I practically shit my pants when I realized that you can sit in every chair, as well as the neato blast shutters, and trophy options in the lounge.

Honestly, the lack of both options and any thought in the interior system really prevents me from getting an account (plus my current lack of employment, but I gotta stand by principle ).

First, the way one switches from "tactical" view to Bridge view is the largest immersion breaking event in the game. I understand that the game's coding treats the bridge as it's own "world", which is fine, if they would replace beaming out with your character just walking into the turbolift, or if that's too much effort, just cut away from the scene before the beaming animation starts.

Also, why can't I actually enter tactical view when I'm sitting in my captain's chair? That's a no brainer. And speaking of chairs, why the hell can't I sit in other bridge or ready room seats like I can in the TOS pack? I know it's only a matter of assigning a point to each prop, so why haven't they retroactively done this to every bridge?

Cryptic, you've really stepped up the game in terms of giving nitpicky fans what they want (the inclusion of TMP department-colored badges is big evidence, even if it's broken for females), and you know we're willing to pay for the extra polish...

So get to waxing.
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