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Re: Talk of Bryan Singer's BSG project resurfaces

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Ideally, there would be a dozen space operas on TV right now, ranging from an angsty wallow that would give RDM nightmares to a light and fluffy romp that would give diabetes to Telletubbies, and all the iterations inbetween, so that we can pick and choose from one end of the spectrum or the other, or just watch the whole damn range.
Can we make that the mission statement of this forum?
Why stop there, I think it should be on the front page of TrekBBS!

Additionally, I don't see any reason in principle why one show can't have a whole range of tones all to itself.
My first thought was that it would be too disjointed but my second thought was "Farscape," so yeah I'd love to see a show like that again someday.
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