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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG Next Level Bluray watch and review thread

^ The Third Season credit sequence looked immense. The depth of field between the starfield the camera flies through and that nebula in the distance really stood out. As somebody else remarked upthread - the transition behind the rings of that planet is now more obvious but thats a minor point.

A wonderful, wonderful taster disc all around. There were points in EoF where I had to rewind the disc to look over the bits of detail again.

BTW, anyone notice a trim when Riker beams into the Enterprise for the first time?? As he walks off the pad into the coridoor, it might just be my eye - but I always thought the woman who was stood-behind-the-door-waiting-for-them-to-pop-open-so-she-can-walk-past (this happens a lot throughout TNG, count how many people walk past doors when they open) looked really out of place in the original. She takes a bit of a mis-step as Riker walks out before carrying on.

Looked like it had been trimmed to me to look less obvious.

Anyone else notice that?
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