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Re: Your Love For Amok Time !!!

Warped9 wrote: View Post
Sarek managed to break tradition to marry Amanda, a human woman he clearly loved. And yet Sarek is pissed for decades because his son didn't follow his wishes.
Do as I say ... not as I do.

Kalontas wrote: View Post
I don't think it's unlikely for males to refer to females of their age as "girl". Unless both are over 40, it's rather common IMO - on Earth, or on Vulcan.
Given the male oriented, male dominated, culture of Starfleet of that time period, a culture that Spock had been living in for years, for Spock to refer to T'Pring as "the girl" seem quite likely.

Why would Spock be referring to T'Pring in a respectful way?

Forbin wrote: View Post
I've occasionally given a firendly "Good morning, girls" at work, only to be roundly rebuked with a cold "We're WOMEN, not girls!"
I seem to get a lot of mileage out of "Dear."

I kind of like the idea of a Pride Parade thru the bridge
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