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Re: Does It Get Better???

The confusion between DNA and memories was very annoying, as was the Neelix/Doctor BS in sickbay. Another episode marred by the subliterate belief that exposition's just technobabble. Plus this was rather cheaply done, cutting corners to the point it made the plot hard to follow. How did the originals of Tom and Harry end up in the Founder goo?

But even with these flaws the climax was the kind of thing that Trek really did do well, as opposed to moronic space wars. The rather elementary notion that we could and should see wonder and beauty in the physical world around us is astonishingly rare in television and movie scifi. The inexplicable novelty and truth of the theme earns this episode respect.

PS Just for giggles, actually bothered to look up the Jammer review. I don't know whether he thought the episode desecreated the concept of the Founders or what. But it was written as an actual attack on Voyager fans, purporting to expose their uncritical take. The problem for him is that he couldn't get the logic right. For instance, he cannot correctly compare deuterium to gasoline, and claim Voyager stupidly ran out of fuel because they didn't bother to take it, much less draw the conclusion that the fans were just too moronic to get it. tThe ship was supposed to pick up deuterium from interstellar gas, which makes it more like oxygen. Nobody can be faulted for not tanking up on oxygen when they cross the Mojave desert. (Incidentally, most likely the deuterium was missing because it was collected on the demon planet, inasmuch as deuterium is not commonly found in massive amounts at such high concentrations.) Nor did he catch the rather obvious implication that the Founder goo grabbed Tom and Harry and that they had been preserved because the stuff was cryogenic. He didn't even seem to comprehend that this was not a character centered show but a thematically centered show. It could have been Tom who made the arguments on behalf of the new Founders, although honestly it's hard to imagine McNiell coping with the dialogue. You may not like episodes with a thesis but it's just obtuse to claim there's no point. I am no longer amazed that such stupid shit as this review is acceptable as wit and insight.
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