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Re: "A Running Start"

Colour me impressed too. A very interesting introduction here to the crew of the Dauntless. You don't give much away about the various crises Starfleet has faced in recent times but it hints towards more to come in the future. For now, Yuri is settling into her new post and it seems there is a lot to contend with in trying to fill the shoes of someone else. It served as a really neat way to introduce some of the characters and hint at some dynamics for the future.

Though I have to say, what really impressed me was the opening section, with Yuri travelling in the elevator through the ship yard and seeing the various ships before sighting her own new berth. That was magical and fantastically written. I was struggling with a new story introduction and had something like this in mind but I couldn't quite get it to work right. Reading your introduction, I've deleted mine! Back to the drawing board. You made it seem effortless yet conveyed the scene and the feelings of the new XO about her new assignment all in one. Super job. (yes - I am envious)

Welcome to the fanfics boards. May your stay be a long one with lots more stories to come.
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