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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG Next Level Bluray watch and review thread

The Inner Light

Watched this episode today. This completes the HD sampler, and concludes a hugely satisfying viewing experience

The grain here is more evident than in the prior two episodes, more-so during the planet sequences than on board the Enterprise. Noticeable, but not enough to detract from the overall improvement.

--The CGI Enterprise... sigh... not as disappointing to me as some shots of the TOS Enterprise in TOS-R, but not at all up to the standards of the re-composited model work seen so far. Hopefully this will be used sparingly or improved upon.
--The fade in to the first act looks very odd. Hard to describe, but the fade is not smooth, it moves in waves of luminance. I'll check another player. Has anyone else noticed an oddity here?
--I'm really not crazy about the heavy technobabble when the probe is first encountered
--OK enough little complaints. The set design, especially the intricate doors of the city, are very impressive and contain great detail to look at
--What is it about conventional looking doors all being automated in all cultures on Star Trek? This applies to the Bandi from Farpoint as well. Just curious. (Remembers the 'primitive' culture from Errand of Mercy also having automatic doors. Should've tipped off Kirk and Spock a bit sooner)
--Noticed some small figures populating the matte of the town seen as Kamin returns from the hills (upon checking the DVD, figures were always there!! Never noticed by me in SD)
--Bridge scenes seem to be shot with more 'glamorous' edge-lighting, especially on Riker's hair
--Ahhh, the hefty 4-foot model makes its first appearance

Leaving aside some of the little nit-picks, I greatly enjoyed watching this episode. It is considered by many one of TNG's finest hours, especially for Picard, but also labeled by some "over-rated." I appreciate this episode very much, but it is not one I have re-watched that often, so while the basic story was familiar to me, I had forgotten many of the specifics. I was truly moved at the end of the story and think this is an excellent episode and a worthy (if bittersweet) conclusion to the sampler. I'll be interested to see if the increased grain is evident on more episodes from S5. Perhaps there was a change in film stock for the show as a whole, or for the city exteriors in particular. I'll leave with a quote from Kamin:

"Seize the time. Live now. Make now always the most precious time. Now will never come again."

A very similar sentiment is repeated by Picard in Generations, but I find the phrasing and circumstances more satisfying as presented here.

Overall, very well done, CBS. Now bring on the Season Sets!!
"Its like weve set up Khan as some perfect ex-girlfriend/boyfriend who dumped us a long time ago, and we compare everyone we date to Khan. Well never be happy if we do this!" - Ryan Britt

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