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Re: Star Trek Hangman Game

InklingStar wrote: View Post
I'd like to buy a vowel.

A, E, I, O, U, and sometimes R

Flying Spaghetti Monster wrote: View Post
My people have been watching your world for years; we know all about you: baseball, root beer, darts, atom bombs. It's quite a fascinating culture you Humans have here.
Good Job, Spaghetti!! You are hereby presented with a baseball, a frosty mug of root beer, a round of darts, and 1 ICBM. Your prescription is to use and thoroughly enjoy any two of these objects awarded you within the next 24 hours
"Its like weve set up Khan as some perfect ex-girlfriend/boyfriend who dumped us a long time ago, and we compare everyone we date to Khan. Well never be happy if we do this!" - Ryan Britt
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