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My daughter couldn't get over his eyes!
Now show her the remastered new-CGI version, in which the Gorn blinks!
That's the one we watched. The blinking didn't phase her.

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Anything with monsters and plenty of action is a winner.
Yes! That's why I went with "Arena" first.

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Oddly enough, the Changeling, too, which doesn't seem real kidlike.
That actually doesn't surprise me. I think my daughter would be entranced by Nomad.

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This story involves DS9, but I'll recount it (again), anyway. When my daughter was around 2, she was watching DS9 with me. For some reason, when there was a long closeup on Quark, she walked up to the TV and put her baby doll bottle on his mouth, as if offering him some milk.


This evening we watched "The Devil in the Dark" and she was with it from beginning to end! It's funny, she reacted to the Horta (or "rock monster") as if it was a scary monster that needed to be killed right up until they injured it with the phaser... then she felt bad for it, and said "They shouldn't hurt it, it's probably just mad about something." I was so proud! She never guessed that the silicon nodules were its eggs, though.

She asked a lot of questions about the Horta itself- "What's that? No, the red part! No, THE RED PART!"- and about the equipement- "What's that?" "It's his tricorder." "What's THAT?" "It's his little computer."

But her funniest reaction was during the scene where Kirk is facing down the Horta alone. Everytime Kirk would lower his phaser and the Horta would advance on him, she would throw up her hand and yell "STOP! Now, back up! Stay there!" and then he would lower the phaser and it would start all over again. I was in stitches.

She was really disappointed that we didn't get to see any little baby rock monsters at the end. C'mon, TOS-R team! You couldn't have thrown ONE in there somewhere?

She demanded to watch another episode after it was over. It may have just been a ploy to avoid going to bed... but it was a good one!

We watched "Miri" because I thought she would enjoy the kids. I was right, but her attention would wander every time Kirk and co. would hang out in the lab talking about the disease. But she did chant along with the kids through every single "Nyah-nyah" and "Bonk-bonk." That was fun. She also kept asking why they didn't just wash off the disease stuff.

I'm having a blast with this! If we have time tomorrow, I'm going to show her "What are little girls made of." I think she'll dig Ruk and Andrea.
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