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Re: Does It Get Better???

Demon: Hokey science and Wang's awful acting aside, this was a fairly decent episode. I loved the set design of the planet, and I thought the Doctor/Neelix scenes in sickbay were really funny. I kept thinking for the first half of the episode that the liquid substance on the planet was a member of the same species as Armus from TNG's Skin of Evil. I'm not sure if the writers even considered doing that, but I think it would have made for a really interesting follow up to Skin of Evil. The possibilities...
But, as for what the liquid actually turned out to be...I thought it was sort of interesting. A species that discovers what it means to sentient when it comes into contact with humans is original...I guess. The way Janeway resolved the issue by giving them the DNA of the crew members was very much in the spirit of Trek.
All and all, not too shabby.
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