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Re: Some kind souls help us sto noobs out with a how to craft guide!

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I feel kind of dumb for even posting this now, From reading some of the older "how to's" the crafting system seemed a bit convoluted. Now having gone to memory alpha, I can see it's been simplified a great deal. (dumbed down perhaps?) So know my question changes to: is it worth the effort? it seems like alot of grinding is involved, both in and out of your starship. I made the mistake of essentially discarding the majority of my samples I acquired, just assuming I would buy or "loot" whatever I needed. Is crafting the only way to obtain certain items? or am I better off using the exchange?
It depends on what is more valuable to you, energy credits or time. I find that its more convenient to spend an hour just scanning anomalies in the right star cluster and then craft a full set of good gear that would have costed me at least 200k-400k energy credits to purchase in the exchange. This works all the way up to Captain rank. Once you hit Rear Admiral, every single crafted item requires a heapload of refined dilithium, which makes the exchange a much better option.

So my suggestion is to craft your lower rank items, save all your energy credits for your admiralcy.
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