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Personally, I think the Mass Effect tie ins could have been better if they'd abandoned all pretense of being canon and followed the between-the-games adventures of the Normandy crew. I found the Sanders/Grayson side story fairly tedious.
You may have found it tedious, but I enjoyed reading about Admiral Anderson. And I wouldn't have bothered reading about a Shepard who's a completely different gender from mine.

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Still, I stand by my assertion that correcting factual errors won't suddenly make the book "better" (not that it coudl get any worse, if half of what I've read is accurate.) I mean how can they "correct" the way the main character is portrayed? How exactly does one grow out of autism?
Well, the character has been off of the experimental meds that Cerberus was giving her for 3 or 6 years (depending on whether you go by the calendar or by her age). It's quite possible that the autistic behavior was a side effect of those, rather than her actually having autism.
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