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I think things like this are generally seen by the parent companies as little more than advertising for the main game, with only one eye towards making extra merchandising profit from the die-hard fans.

I think the reason this has caused such a stink (yes, it even made it to Penny Arcade) is because up until this point, quality control has been fairly consistent (for obvious reasons.) The quality itself has never been exceptional so much as is has been acceptable, with this new entry straying totally off the reservation and into utter-garbage territory.

Still, I stand by my assertion that correcting factual errors won't suddenly make the book "better" (not that it coudl get any worse, if half of what I've read is accurate.) I mean how can they "correct" the way the main character is portrayed? How exactly does one grow out of autism? A factually correct load of crap is still a load of crap.
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