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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG Next Level Bluray watch and review thread

Sins of the Father

Another great episode and a nice choice for the sampler. Fun to see the evolution of the sets and uniforms and especially the look and characterization of Lt. Worf. This really is a stand-out story and the production of the episode is excellent. From our first real look at the Klingon homeworld to the dark, low-key, high contrast cinematography (even on the Enterprise in scenes featuring Kurn)

Ok, some random notes:
--Really enjoyed seeing the S3 titles in HD. Used to think of them as kinda meh, but now appreciate them at least as much as S1/2
--I already ranted on the quotation marks in a post above so I'll let that one go for now
--The scrolling stars behind the ships in the opening shot pretty well duplicate the original shot, but they may be drifting a little quicker than before. Only off-putting because I suppose we expect something else to be in motion in such a finely rendered shot.
--As Riker and Picard walk to the Transporter Room (very nice long tracking shot worthy of Aaron Sorkin) a crewmember passes by carrying a blue pad. The color just pops! Everything, the lighting, the uniforms, the whole look of the Enterprise is very lush and vibrant
-- The Transporter effect looks more like the original SD than the brighter look of EaF. This holds true for when they beam to the council chamber later in the Ep as well.
--Scuffs on the Transporter Room door are clearly visible
--The costumes, especially the Klingons, look excellent throughout
-- Kurn's hair, on the other hand, looks rather weak esp compared to Worf's
--"I will try some of your burned replicated bird meat" Excellent!!
--Is that Romulan Ale on the dinner table? Not what I would serve a Klingon guest...
--Looks to be black and white push-button salt and pepper shakers, reminiscent of the metallic variety adapted for use as a hypo spray for Trek 09
--A nice touch during the convo between Kurn/Worf in Ten Forward: the stars streaking by at warp out the window are now properly out of focus given the depth of field
--A paper note is handed to Kurn on the homeworld, not some kind of Klingon Padd
--The 13 seconds... noticeable, but not the end of the world. Mercifully short and swept along by the story. Color balance does mesh very well with the rest of the ep as has been noted elsewhere. They really do seem to be going out of their way to announce it though.
--About the disk presentation itself. Love the presence of the Play All button although I haven't used it yet. Curious about there being no chapter menu. There are clearly chapters but I haven't found even a pop-up menu listing the chapter titles or granting random access.
--Also about the disk: You have to choose the language every time you load the disk? Really? One let down consistent between Paramount and CBS is that the blu ray does not remember where it left off after ejecting and that the intro trailers must be skipped one by one and the intro animation is not skippable. Never liked the amount of time it takes to reload Trek blu rays or DVDs. Makes it a pain to do quick comparisons and especially to watch TOS in production order. Oh well, rant for the day over, they still look AMAZING!!

2 down, 1 to go!!!
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