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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG Next Level Bluray watch and review thread

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Ok, just started watching Sins of the Father. Had to stop the disk just to comment on the damn quotation marks again

Really really not liking these. I know it's petty and silly, but really, just look at how the end quote bleeds into the r in Father. WTF is that about?

Full disclosure: Ok, to be honest, I was so absorbed in watching the gorgeous slow fly-by of the Enterprise that I didn't even register the episode title first time. I did a quick rewind to see how it looked, and yuck...

PLEASE CBS!!! Shrink or italicize the quotation marks. It really comes off as sloppy typesetting to me...

Gah, why does such a little thing bother me so much?
I'm absolutely with you on this one. The quotation marks they're using are ugly as hell. Don't they have anyone with at least some typographic knowledge amoung their team?
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