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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Isn't the Vesta only slightly smaller than the Sovereign-class? That'd probably eliminate it from being used as an escort.

Plus Cryptic will usually ignore the intended role of the vessel anyway. Hence the Nebula-class as a science ship in-game.
I don't know, I always figured the Nebula class for a science vessel, like an up-to-date Miranda class.

Anyhoo, has anyone seen the servers today?! They're packed! I was in a LONG queue before I ever got in to play, and even then I was only in 15 minutes before I got bumped. The STO forums just went down due to all of the activity, too! It's a mixed blessing, but yay, STO is busy!
The thing is the Nebula-class generally did the same type of missions that we saw the Enterprise-D do in the series. If we're going by what we saw, then why can't we have a Galaxy-class as a science vessel too.
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