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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

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01/01/2012 Space: 1999: Rogue Planet by E. C. Tubb
01/03/2012 The Survivors by Marion Zimmer Bradley & Paul Edwin Zimmer
01/04/2011 The Eyes of the Overworld (audiobook) by Jack Vance
01/08/2012 Space: 1999: Alien Seed by E.C. Tubb
01/11/2012 Quantum of Solace: The Complete James Bond Short Stories (audiobook) by Ian Fleming
01/12/2012 The Winds of Gath by E.C. Tubb
01/15/2012 The Heirs of Hammerfell by Marion Zimmer Bradley
01/18/2012 Derai by E.C. Tubb
01/24/2012 Carte Blanche (audiobook) by Jeffrey Deaver
01/26/2012 Space: 1999: Shepherd Moon edited by Mateo Latosa
01/28/2012 Passion Ploy (ss) By Matthew Hughes
01/28/2012 Nature Tale (ss) By Matthew Hughes
01/28/2012 Enemy of the Good (ss) By Matthew Hughes
01/28/2012 Another Day in Fibberty (ss) By Matthew Hughes
01/28/2012 The Meaning of Luff (ss) By Matthew Hughes
01/28/2012 The Farouche Assemblage (ss) By Matthew Hughes
01/28/2012 The Eye of Vann (ss) By Matthew Hughes
01/30/2012 The Anubis Gates (audiobook) by Tim Powers
Wow. I realize there are some audio books, shorter books, and short stories, but I'm still impressed by being able to read that much in that short a time.

I finished Jack McDevitt's Deepsix last night; another great McDevitt book. A great blend of the excitement of discovery and action/adventure. I love how his Academy series seems to take the approach that there's been plenty of life in the universe, but the universe is so big and has been around for so long that each species tends to die out before the other rises, and we all just keep missing each other.

I finally reached the top of the waiting list at my library for Star Wars: Darth Plagueis, so I'll be starting that today and Rings of Time will have to stay on deck for one more book. Which messes with my reading pattern of Star Trek / Star Wars / something else, but hey, life is messy.
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