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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

6. Lost City Raiders: C+
7. Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist: B+
8. Contraband: B+
9. Kick-Ass: B+

I finally got around to seeing this film. This movie would've been a solid A/A- if it only it had NOT had Kick Ass. Dave/Kick Ass actually brought the movies pace and development down every time he was on screen. The only scenes with him that were worth having were his moments with burgeoning love Katie. A movie that just had Big Daddy and Hit Girl would've been solid. Nic Cage owned in his role and only gets me pumped to see Ghost Rider 2 next weekend. Chloe as Hit Girl and Big Daddy's daughter fulfilled all the "comic booky" needs of a "real person" becoming a hero.
I'd frankly love a sequel that also dealt with the "cheat death" cliche and brought Big Daddy back. Afterall, perhaps he realizes what his friend and former partner said is true, "This isn't the life for her". So, he's alive but allows her to live with him.
Kick Ass 2: Now with less Kick, More Hit - that's the movie we should get if a sequel actually ever happens.

Oh, and as a side I liked that it had Clark Duke in it from one of my favorite comedies of the past decade, Sex Drive. I see Richard just saw it. Frankly I like the movie so much I find the mindless extra nudity distracting from the story. While the models are mind numbingly hot the random placed tits, and yes cock, just kill the flow of the movie for me.
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