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I love it! Star Trek through the eyes of a child. It's terrific, because you can relive it through them, as if you'd seen it for the first time. I remember so many of the things I first thought when I saw Star Trek as a child.

It's so great to hear her questions and observations, Kelso.

There's only a narrow window for this, though. In due time, kids become exposed to the seductive allure of high tech CGI, and good ol' TOS looks lame to them in comparison. They don't share the same frame of reference as us older folks. Once in a while there are exceptions, but for the most part they're far more into nuTrek.

When my sister and I were kids, I was really into Star Trek and she frequently sat along for the ride, waiting for "her turn" to watch a show that followed. I'll never forget when the Talosians showed up. "Hiney heads! Hehehehehee!!"
Remembering Ensign Mallory.
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