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Re: A new TNG series in the works!!!

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Mama said if you don't have anything nice to say... not to say anything at all.
I would really love to know how this post is "not nice". This is a polite post and is not negative in any way shape or form.

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Is there anything sadder than a person spending their weekend signing up and spamming a Star Trek messageboard?

I mean out of everything you could've done you chose this. How bad were the other possibilities!?
Spamming? what are you talking about? I signed up here weeks ago and spent 5 minutes making this post. This post is 100% legit and in no way constitutes spam. And there is something much sadder than spam, it's Trekies that take dumps on other trekies ideas and dreams!

When i asked for feedback (positive or negative). I was asking for feedback about the concept. I wasn't really asking people for negative assumptions and judgments about the post itself.
"I've always known that I will die alone!"
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