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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG Next Level Bluray watch and review thread

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First shot of the separation sequence (before the sep itself) Is that the same matte of the Enterprise as scene in Sins of the Father? Looks very familiar to the screen caps, but I haven't compared it myself
It's the same. You can easily compare the YouTube video that was posted of the saucer sep with the shot from SotF.
So it looks like that original shot of the Enterprise was lost. Perhaps they once intended to use it in Generations as well?

Speaking of Generations shots: wasn't this shot of the Enterprise ( originally done by ILM as well? Is it in EaF and if so how does it look?
The shot appears in both "Encounter at Farpoint" (The Enterprise approaching Q's net) and "Sins of the father" (The Enterprise approaching Qo'noS).
It's the original footage that also appeared on "Generations", so they must have been able to retrieve that footage.
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