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A new TNG series in the works!!!

Greetings and salutations fellow trekies, I have come up with an awesome way to revive TNG. I have spent the last couple months developing a great concept that mixes TNG with reality T.V in such a way it would appeal to every man woman and child on the planet!

This show is based on the next generation tv series. The cast of the show including would dress up as characters from the TNG series, while the cruising around in outer space as they party on the bridge. There would be strobe lights, disco lights, alcoholic beverages would be served in abundance and the music would be non-stop. The cast would get hammered on Hennesy and Cryztal while they dance and crump away in search of interstellar rap battles with alien races. The battles will be a melange of cyber, video conference and occasionally the rappers involved will be beamed to a location where the rap battles will occur.

I have taken some suggestions from the users of trekBBS to come up with an all-star cast.

The show will star:
Nicki Minaj as Troi
2pac as picard
Missy Elliot as Dr. Beverly Crusher
Vanilla Ice as Riker/#2
Eminem as Data
Queen Latifah as Guinan
Flava Flave as Geordi Laforge
Snoop Dogg as Lt. Worf

Will have guest stars(as alien rap crews):
Kid and play
Insane Clown Posse
JaY z
Little wayne
The list goes on...

I know there is a lot of controversy regarding Tupacs untimely demise. For this tv show Tupac will either need to come out of hiding or a look-a-like such as Josh Harraway will be cast as Tupac.

I'm thinking that this could possibly become the greatest show ever. I really need the support of all the wonderful, talented and loyal trekies to make this a reality and come to fruition. I know that together we can make this happen. If we can get this T.V show up and running, the entire world can once again bask in the glory and splendor of Star Trek TNG and my magical idea.

There has already been an overwhelming amount of support from the general public as well as fans of the other artists I plan to cast. It seems that a lot of people would like to see this show happen and I truly hope that TNG fans do too!

Please let me know what you guys think about this concept. Any feedback( positve or negative) would be greatly appreciated!

"I've always known that I will die alone!"
-- James Tibirius Kirk

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