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Re: Doctor Who: The Figure Thread

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Most collectors I know have either really cut back or stopped buying altogether.
I certainly have. I wanted to have each of the Doctors. Well, I have them. I wanted to have a few of my favorite companions, but with the exception of Leela, they are only being released in multi-packs with others I don't want. Peri and Sil? Seriously?

I think I can actually pinpoint the moment when my collector buzz switched off. It was when someone here posted pictures of the Peri/Sil set, with Sil removed from his base, and it was a giant brown spot, a turd left behind. I sort of woke up then and decided I'd had enough. The only figure I've bought since then is an Eighth Doctor I picked up on eBay.

I was interested in picking up a Leela figure since it was being sold on its own, until I saw pix of that one ... the quality control is terrible. The arm was falling off, the joints weren't done well, the paint job looked like something a psychotic drugged-up drag queen did halfway through a bender.

At least we've still got the sonic screwdrivers.
Hehehe. That would have been me. I don't remember anyone else in here being daft enough, or at least admitting being daft enough, to get the Peri/Sil set.

Glad I managed to kill your collecting enthusiasm.

I've now learned to wait and wait and wait before ordering anything because it's almost inevitable that there'll be a tweaked re-release of figures so they can get their money's worth out of the moulds. I'm sitting right on the edge... almost ordering the two-pack with Leela and a Sontaran but the reality is... they're toys. And since I lost interest in doing webcomics I really should have only ever bought one of each Doctor and maybe some classic Daleks and Cybermen.

If I ever take the time to learn how Ebay works... fire sale!
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