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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG Next Level Bluray watch and review thread

So I just travelled nearly 25 years back in time

I just couldn't resist. Found myself in Target today and picked 'er up. As good if not better than all the descriptions!! From the moment the preview started, I just couldn't take my eyes off the screen. The color. The detail. I've never felt Farpoint was as weak as some say. My impression may be bathed in nostalgia, but I just enjoyed the hell out of this episode and it immediately brought me back to my first viewing in 1987 when I watched the show twice in a row (my family had gotten a VHS recorder only a few years before)

Storywise, I find the inclusion of Q to be vital. There is a point counter-point between Picard and the crew finding clues to the mystery of Farpoint Station and Q's interjections, some helpful, some instigatory. There are wonderful character moments throughout and some fantastic dialog. Far from the 'blandness' that some complain of when referencing TNG.

Music cues are often excellent, especially the foreboding sting that accompanies the arrival of the mysterious ship. The sound mix was quite satisfactory throughout, emphasizing certain sound fx that I had failed to notice (someone had mentioned the sound of the power generators outside Zorn's office)

The visuals are just phenomenal. The filmic quality is astounding. Although the white dust flecks are noticeable, I would hardly call them a distraction. I have yet to view the other 2 episodes, so have no idea if the problem is present in them as well. The ship looks incredible, as do the uniforms and even the sets. Detail is phenomenal and I'm sure I'll be noticing more tid-bits (and minor goofs) as I rewatch.

Items of interest (in no particular order):
--The ship, OMG THE SHIP looks AMAAAAZING!!!
--When Picard and Data are defining the word 'snoop' there seems to be an odd bit of carpet near the base of the Ops station (perhaps hiding a power cord)
--I'm quite curious how Q's force field effect was created, as comparison shots seem to indicate it is the original effect (not a CGI recreation) I had always assumed it was early CGI or animation of the time
--Enterprise's main impulse engine remains lit even when 'full stop' is ordered (this remains true and consistent for when the star drive section is recaptured)
--The titles. I really don't like the quotation marks. Perhaps the comparison shots from "Inner Light" on the other thread prejudiced me, but for the title and the character credits of "Zorn" and "Q", the un-italicized quotes just look cheap.
--Picard's Ready Room off the Battle Bridge. Very cool little set, not seen again on the series (I believe) Really like the curved wall and angled ceiling.
--Tasha looks veeery good in her uniform
--Troi also looks quite good in hers. I don't mind the skant at all, and the color suits her wonderfully
--First shot of the separation sequence (before the sep itself) Is that the same matte of the Enterprise as scene in Sins of the Father? Looks very familiar to the screen caps, but I haven't compared it myself
--Q's judges robe is fantastic, as is his practical 'throne'
--O'Brien --Er, sorry, Conn Officer is 'Da Man!'
--When Riker calls the ship to be beamed up, he seems to 'double tap' his communicator
--When Troi complains of feeling 'pain' down in the tunnels, she seems to de-activate her communicator half way through, and yet Riker still calls to her to let her know he's coming.
--Matte painting of the planet is fantastic. I really don't mind the repetition.
--Bandi city under fire looks quite good
--Admiral McCoy!!! Awesome...
--"Lieutenant, do you intend to blast a hole in the viewer?" Great little scene all around and shows how vital Q is as a commentator

I really do like this episode. And now even more-so. I really REALLY want to watch the rest of Season 1 right now, but just know that the DVDs will be utterly disappointing!!

If it weren't so late, I would immediately re-watch Farpoint as I did the night I first saw it.
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