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Re: Doctor Who, first time through

Finished "Keys Of Marinus".....tomorrow "The Aztecs" begins.

One thing that has changed, is my opinion of Susan. As I was building my Doctor Who collection, I was buying from different eras and watching them non-sequentially. And I had no real issues with Susan, I really liked her since she was the Doctors grand daughter. However watching them in order, Susan really grates on me. Not the actress, the portrayal.

It's the constant freak outs and near break downs that get on my nerves. I can understand being frightened but she freaks out and too often has to be held by another character. I always liked Vickie, and now I realize she's closer to how Susan *should've* been portrayed. She was smart, and came off as someone beyond our time. Sure, the occasional screamy stuff....but no where near the freak outs that Susan has.

IIRC, wasn't this the reason that Carol Ann Ford left?
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