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Re: Doctor Who, first time through

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The Marco Polo reconstruction was interesting. It doesn't seem like near enough material for a seven-episode arc, or whatever it was. I'm wondering if it would have plodded along at a snail's pace? In any case, it was interesting enough as a condensced version, and I thought the reconstruction was put together well with the stills, audio, and limited subtitles.
It wasn't that condensed. I mean the full audio is still there, the video is just a clip show.

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In a way, that's too bad, because I was always tantalized by the possibility there could have something in those missing episodes that would totally contradict everything about DOCTOR WHO we learned later. Like, I always thought it would be funny if a missing episode were found in which Hartnell's Doctor confesses to someone that he's a full-blooded human from the year 4536. I guess there's no chance of that, then. Not that fans wouldn't come up with brilliant explanations to explain the line away, like the infamous "half-human" line from the 1996 movie.
Well he would have to mime it then, because the full audio tracks aren't lost.

I just realized I don't actually have any of the lost episodes besides Marco Polo and The Crusades. A lot of them seem to be on Youtube though so I'll get them there.

Edge of Destruction I really liked for as short as it was. It was pretty creepy for one, and I thought it was cool to have a whole story take place in the Tardis.
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