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Re: Doctor Who, first time through

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I have a question, though -- are other reconstructions included on the DVD sets as special features? Or was this just a special case on the DOCTOR WHO: THE BEGINNING set. I'm hoping many, most, or all missing episode reconstructions are included on the DVDs. In that case, it would be worth it for me to order all the DVDs from Netflix rather than stream the ones available for streaming.
It was a one-off for The Beginning - the guy in charge of the DVDs (who took over about a year later) wasn't a fan of reconstructions; much preferring the alternative of animations (as seen on The Invasion and the forthcoming Reign of Terror DVDs). There was a 45-ish minute reconstruction of Galaxy 4 planned for the Time Meddler DVD, however this was unfortunately removed at the last minute and now languishes on a shelf somewhere.

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In a way, that's too bad, because I was always tantalized by the possibility there could have something in those missing episodes that would totally contradict everything about DOCTOR WHO we learned later. Like, I always thought it would be funny if a missing episode were found in which Hartnell's Doctor confesses to someone that he's a full-blooded human from the year 4536. I guess there's no chance of that, then. Not that fans wouldn't come up with brilliant explanations to explain the line away, like the infamous "half-human" line from the 1996 movie.
If the soundtracks didn't exist, we would still have the camera scripts or similar materials - there's little chance of something like that coming out of left-field
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