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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG Next Level Bluray watch and review thread

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There's a bunch of questions we have to find answers to for the "poll project":
  • Do we care to fashion the polls in such a way that I can extract the data for a page like the one I made for the TrekLit reviews?
  • Because if so, we need per-episode polls, which requires per-episode threads. Which begs the question whether it's too late now that we have this thread for the entire sampler. And later, when full season sets arrive, what are we going to do then - open 22/26 threads at once? Hrm.
  • What do we want the polls to be about? They have to pose a clearly defined question, not something vague enough to fit both "how did you like the ep?" and "how well do you think it was remastered?".
  • The poll question and response options also should be fashioned in a way that allows comparisions between threads.
To answer the first two points: Yes; I think we should do per-episode threads, which I realize will involve a lot of threads when the first season set comes out. I think that’s a bridge we can cross closer to the time (though a simple poll question of: ‘How often would you like to see a new episode thread?’ will solve a lot of it. Majority rules!). Fundamentally, I think it’s important to get feedback for each episode. Some threads will have staying power, while some will not. Also, if a poster was wanting to post a thread related to something specifically in that episode, they could just post it in the poll thread instead. The Blu-ray release of season one seems like something many of us are eagerly anticipating (and it IS a pretty big deal), so I think it's alright for the forum to have a large number of threads devoted to it. I realize I'm not an admin, so easier said than done.

To answer the third point: do we have to have just one question in a thread? Could we not ask them seperately:

1. How did you like the episode (on a 1-10 scale)
2. How well do you think the effects were remastered? (I lean more toward the 5-point scale of ‘Outstanding’ through ‘Poor’ scale here because it seems harder to rate ‘effects’ on a broader range.

Again, a pre-poll will give us further ideas for questions that we might use for all episodes, but these seem like the two most fundamental ones to me. I'm partly inclined to suggest a random joke question that can be thrown in each time just for fun. For example, with 'Encounter at Farpoint,' we might ask "Worst Actor/Actress goes to...?"

To answer the fourth point: I agree. In other words, there needs to be consistency as far as asking the exact same set of questions 170+ times. I joke, but we really do need to do that, otherwise what’s the point?

For the time being, I think three threads for this sample is not a big deal. I do think we missed the boat by not having three threads from the get-go – let that be a lesson learned for when the first season comes out. Yes, it will sometimes get a bit cluttered in here. Two points on that: when season one does finally come out, do you foresee a lot of us being inspired to bust out our crappy standard-def season sets to talk about (whatever)? There will be episodes where people will vote and not have much to say, which is fine. To paraphrase Drago: If it dies, it dies.
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