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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG Next Level Bluray watch and review thread

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11001001-wondering if they are allowed to use the mushroom
I'd like to see the Mushroom with a bigger door and the D scaled properly, to put to rest all the talk of a identical but scaled up spacedock.
I'm sure if the footage was already used and inserted into a 25 year old TNG episode, they would be allowed to use it again. I can't see something like that being overlooked when the contracts or whatever were drawn up.

And yeah, it would be cool to see the size upped a little more. Just a little bit though, because the station already seems kind of ridiculously big.
To remaster and re-comp that shot they'd need the individual ILM elements from TREK III which might be hard to get so we might see a CGI recreation of the spacedock.

Makes me think about all the effects elements they pulled from the features and comped in and how they'll deal with those for this HD release (Klingon ships from TMP in Heart of Glory, Regula I station used in a bunch of places, more Trek III &Trek IV BOP shots from Redemption, the V'Ger explosion from Tin Man)
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