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Re: Ron Thornton Interview

This is going to read as some kind of shameless plug, but that can’t be helped.

If you liked the B5Scrolls site, and *if* you have a facebook account can you ‘like’ this thing.

I only recently joined facebook, and I never thought I’d read myself writing that, and the other day started posting messages.

Web sites go off line for any number of reasons, and the information they contain can get lost or forgotten as a result. As most of the content comes from some of the artists who worked on the show, I felt it would be a shame if it all disappeared like a fart in the wind when the inevitable happens to B5Scrolls – which is why the whole thing is available to download.

Thing is. Forums like here are a great way to let folks know about that, but this thread will quite quickly drop off the first page of the forum, so most people who might enjoy the content will never see this.

The idea behind the asking for the facebook ‘like’ is not some self promotion dip shit, but to let more folk know the site (or to be more accurate, the information / images on it) exists and is downloadable. The bottom line seems to be that the more ‘likes’ it has the more likely a facebook search on “Babylon 5” will return that page. I don’t think a google search on “Babylon 5” will ever return something like B5Scrolls, even though two sites currently host it.

This is (genuinely) embarrassing as hell to ask, but . . . . .
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