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Re: Doctor Who, first time through

Okay, just watched "Edge" last night.

Interesting, to say the least. I'm reminded of TNG, where very often the money-saving episodes ("The Drumhead," "The First Duty") turn out to be the strongest character pieces of the series. Lots of surprises for me in this episode. Mainly, I'm surprised such a complex plot could make it in a children's show back in the 60s. We get the first indication that the Tardis is more than just a machine. The surprise, to me, though, is that the Doctor doesn't seem to know anything about this. Curiouser and couriouser. And we get the first hint that the Doctor has had a longer history of getting into trouble and finding adventure in space and time before Ian and Barbara came along.

The performances were all good. Who knew Susan could be so frightening? It was essential for a plot set entirely within the confines of the Tardis set that the performances carry the story, and they did. And -- call me crazy -- but I'm beginning to find Barbara extremely attractive.

The Marco Polo reconstruction was interesting. It doesn't seem like near enough material for a seven-episode arc, or whatever it was. I'm wondering if it would have plodded along at a snail's pace? In any case, it was interesting enough as a condensced version, and I thought the reconstruction was put together well with the stills, audio, and limited subtitles.

I have a question, though -- are other reconstructions included on the DVD sets as special features? Or was this just a special case on the DOCTOR WHO: THE BEGINNING set. I'm hoping many, most, or all missing episode reconstructions are included on the DVDs. In that case, it would be worth it for me to order all the DVDs from Netflix rather than stream the ones available for streaming.

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The audio exists for all the missing episodes; if anything is missing then we're talking about brief cliffhanger reprises which are duplicated on the episodes surrounding it.
In a way, that's too bad, because I was always tantalized by the possibility there could have something in those missing episodes that would totally contradict everything about DOCTOR WHO we learned later. Like, I always thought it would be funny if a missing episode were found in which Hartnell's Doctor confesses to someone that he's a full-blooded human from the year 4536. I guess there's no chance of that, then. Not that fans wouldn't come up with brilliant explanations to explain the line away, like the infamous "half-human" line from the 1996 movie.
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