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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG Next Level Bluray watch and review thread

Tried getting through a few more old episodes, a few Netflix ones, the episodes are always fun to watch on some level, but I watched part of the bluray afterwards because the old picture felt unclean!

Things I can't wait to see: Where No One Has Gone Before..oo ahh
11001001-wondering if they are allowed to use the mushroom
Lonely Among Us-A beautifully photographed gem with great music, should sound and look great
Homesoil-Planetary changes?
Datalore- HOW will they make that beautiful shot of Data's planet eclipsing the sun.
The Big Goodbye-There is no reason to NOT insert the planned Jarada in the scene with the planet placeholder now that they have the time and the tech.
Symbiosis-Lot of star FX...
Conspiracy-I dont think theyll replace any stop motion

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