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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG Next Level Bluray watch and review thread

It is a shame CBS didn't release the Star Trek film blu-rays because Paramount didn't even go to the trouble of rescanning the negatives of the movies for the blu-ray release so they could save a bit of money. Instead of a new scan they chose to use old DVD masters that where scanned at 1080i and run them through a digital cleanup that removed the film grain from the picture and turned the crew into waxworks, only TWOK and Nemesis escaped this.... whereas CBS are going to the trouble of putting an entire show back into post-production and ensuring every last pixel of film information is untouched and perfectly presented, well done CBS! Shame on Paramount :P

It felt like watching Generations on the big screen at some points, it all looks wonderful. FYI I thought the CGI flyby at the beginning of The Inner Light to be ok and an acceptable alternative to the stock 4fter flyby

I watched a DVD afterwards and my god... they will never be watched again! Season 1 can't come soon enough.
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