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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

Here's the full ongoing list of network pilots.

Lots and lots of comedies that all sound the same to me. But that seems to happen every year, so I just ignore broadcast comedies at this point.

Other than the genre stuff, there are only a few that sound interesting.

The Frontier (NBC) - This premise seems ready-made to be one wagon train per season, with a new cast each year. Usually that's dangerous since audiences get attached to characters, but in this case, the risk might be worth it, to battle the monotony of being stuck with the same grungy wagon train for years.

Bad Girls (NBC) - A women-in-prison show would be much more fun on FX of course, but let's see what broadcast can do.

Kevin Bacon vs The Serial Killer Cult (FOX) - They should feel free to use that title, I won't sue.

All the networks look like they know the audience they're programming for - especially CBS, with a lineup that sounds exactly like what they're already airing - except for NBC, still flailing around to find an audience. With their heavy adventure and genre pickups, they seem to be hoping against hope to attract the young male demographic that has vanished from broadcast TV moreso than any other group.

EDIT: Andre Braugher is cast in the lead for The Last Resort.

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