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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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But it's neither fun nor rewarding, so why would you bother? Just an excercise in futility. At least mindlessly grinding STFs has a TINY chance of a reward.
Well.. the best one on the map usually gets a purple item appropriate level and a neat trophy for display on your ship. I want to have them all at one point.

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The Vesta has cannon hardpoints in the book, so they'll probably carry that over. Good news for you, with the Odyssey not having them, ja?

(I'm guessing it will be a science/escort hybrid).
It's likely that the Vesta will be made a science ship, since it's about time they got another VA one, so it probably won't have those cannons. Cruisers BTW can mount single cannons on their ships.
So can science ships, single cannons are not restricted. They have the same arc and DPS as dual beams I think, but a higher proc chance.
Lol, well I've never tried to mount them before on a science ship.

Single cannons have a 180 degree arc, the DPS on standard MK XII ones is 212. Dual beam banks on the other hand have an arc of 90 degrees, and standard MK XII DPS is listed at 229. This depends on if you can maintain the forward firing arc of the cannons though.
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