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Re: The highlights of Nemesis

Haven't had a chance to chime in on this. I loved the unique opening titles but really, really missed seeing the actors' names there. I suspected that this film would follow the lead of most other recent films and save up all the actor credits for the end, but that's when most people are walking out of a movie, and I have to keep rocking from side to side to see the screen. Even though I only saw a local opening night of "Nemesis", the lack of opening credits made me miss the enthusiastic crowds applauding all the names at the previews and gala premieres of all the other ST movies.

I also really loved seeing tipsy Picard at the wedding banquet, but most reviewers and fans seemed to think Patrick Stewart was having a bad acting day, perhaps not realising that he was deliberately making Picard slur his words.

I still enjoy the musical soundtrack very much, and play it often. The Romulan Senate getting decimated/dessicated was chilling. Tom Hardy is fascinating to watch. Loved Janeway's cameo.

Why, oh why, did the director trim out the toasting scene between Data and Picard? It sets up the emotional weight that we need to reflect upon at the end when they farewell Data. (My favourite character dies, but it was hard to feel as sad as I had for Spock, Lal, Jadzia Daz, Bareil, Carey, even Sybok!)

How I wish Jonathan Frakes had been allowed to play with this movie a little. It seemed like Paramount blamed him for "Insurrection"'s lower-than-expected performance. I think he might have drawn some much-needed warmth and nostalgia from some of the colder/darker scenes.
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