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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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yeah that'd be cool...

i will admit though, my excitement at getting the Oddysey ship was a bit masked by the news yesterday that the Vesta class ship would be making an appearence soon

Quoted from Mark Rademaker's blog...

CBS in the shape of John van Citters gave me green light to get my starships in Star Trek Online.

I'm preparing a list of questions and tech specs that I need to sent to Cryptic, see how and if we can shape this. To be continued.
So that's the one i seriously can't wait for

The Vesta has cannon hardpoints in the book, so they'll probably carry that over. Good news for you, with the Odyssey not having them, ja?

(I'm guessing it will be a science/escort hybrid).
It's likely that the Vesta will be made a science ship, since it's about time they got another VA one, so it probably won't have those cannons. Cruisers BTW can mount single cannons on their ships.
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