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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

DonIago is right, this ain't frigging TNG, where the humans culturally assimulate everything. I prefer Sisko's balanced approach to Picard's morally high standards anyday. Besides I thought Nog was just being a Ferengi... Don't forget in The Visitor Jake (middle aged one) makes that passing reference about Nog and girlfriends, and Nog says something like 'yeah things did go better when I stopped asking them to chew my food'.

Yah see. Nog was behaving naturally, even though to us he was being a right old asshole. As for the A-plot I thought it was a bit of stretch that Bareil was the only one who could make these talks succeed, but I loved Bashir's qualms about extending Bareil's life, and Bashir cutting Kai Winn down to size. If it was Bareil's time to go then it is his time to go when he was still useful as a secondary character. I'm glad Bareil is out of the way so that we can have Kira/Odo later on.

In all honesty this episode should have had 3 stars as it was good, and not mediocre.
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