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HotRod wrote: View Post
So, looks like it's about time to upgrade back to XBOX LIVE GOLD again with the demo out in less the 2 weeks and the game out in barely a month. Damn that game is costing me alot.
Collectors Edition = $90
Live Gold for Multi = $55
Turtle Beach Headphones = $80

Grand Total: $225 for the complete glory that will be Mass Effect 3.

Plus I'll probably end up gettin it for PS3 at some point. So add on another $70.

Still.......WORTH IT.

We will need to get a Trekkbbs Special Forces squad going.
I'm going PC for the trilogy and PS3 myself.

Reverend wrote: View Post
Wait, you have to PAY to access the multiplayer servers on a console?
Not on the PS3 you don't

And its a better working console that uses blu ray technology so you only have to deal with ONE disk to play a game.
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