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Re: STO: are starship phasers worth a darn?

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I have a star cruiser (the new Odyssey), and use anti-proton beams myself, which are just a nice way to flay the crap out of whatever you're broadsiding.
Pretty much the same setup here...

got 2 antiproton arrays at the front, along with a dual beam tetryon setup and a quick reload transphasic torpedo launcher...

that's generally my 'open up everything as i approach and blow the s#!t out of it' approach...

rear weapons are 2 Tetryon arrays, a transphasic mine launcher, and a disrupter array... though that'll be swapped for another antiproton array when i can save up for it

generally i fly towards the target, opening up a LOT of shield damage with the tetryon and antiproton arrays, a few transphasic torpedoes on apprach, then do a flyover and drop the transphasic mines basically on top of the target while flying away... not much can stand up to a full fly by assault like that...

Heh, care to test that theory? I challenge it
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