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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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I'm having some technical difficulty with a quest, "The Other Side". Basically I've played through the mission of going into the mirror universe and retrieving the Bajoran orb, killed the bad guys and their ships. The only thing I have left to do is to return to our universe through the portal.

That's where the problems began. When I enter the portal I receive a big dialog box that says "Couldn't transfer character" and get kicked to the character selection screen. I tried logging in and found myself still in the mirror universe, so I went through the portal again and yet again I got kicked to the character selection screen. As its quite late, I went to bed and this morning I tried logging in. This time, I'm in sector space but the mission still requires me to enter the mirror universe portal, so I tried to continue the quest and yet again "Couldn't transfer character" and character selection screen. Now, I can't enter the quest to complete it. What should I do?
I had this problem with another quest. I'm guessing this is a problem caused by the most recent update.
Theres also a really annoying bug in the Klingon mission Keeping your enemies closer where when you try to go to the starbase's shuttlebay control room you fall through the floor.
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