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Re: STO Trek BBS Fleet

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Okay... I'm being lazy and don't feel like reading 51 pages of comments... What is the trekbbs fleet name? I've been playing STO a lot lately and thought joining a fleet might be fun. My STO character is Miranda @ BoxWhatBox if someone could send me an invite.
I thought I recognized that name. You just bought a Plasma Turret Mk VIII [Acc] from me in the exchange for 70k energy credits. lol
Yeah... The price was a little high, but I wanted it for my Escort. Plasma weapons w/ plasma boosting tactical stations, shield boosting science, and ablative armor. All uncommon, all level VIII. She's a good ship.

I sell my common for 10k, uncommon for 20k, and rare for 30k.
Sorry. I usually do a search and see what other people are demanding for the item and price mine a tad lower than them. The cheapest I could find was 75k, that's why I priced mine at 70k.

If you like, I can craft anything for you so long as I have the materials available.
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