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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Methos wrote: View Post
yeah that'd be cool...

i will admit though, my excitement at getting the Oddysey ship was a bit masked by the news yesterday that the Vesta class ship would be making an appearence soon

Quoted from Mark Rademaker's blog...

CBS in the shape of John van Citters gave me green light to get my starships in Star Trek Online.

I'm preparing a list of questions and tech specs that I need to sent to Cryptic, see how and if we can shape this. To be continued.
So that's the one i seriously can't wait for


Where does teh hype for the Vesta come from anyway? To me it looks like a well made fanship.
Is there an obscure corner of Trek lore that I have missed?
Anyway, it looks so much like the existing star cruiser designs, that it would be non practical to introduce it as anything other then a variant, either a simple skin or the inevitable +1 refit, which would step a bit on the toes of the new Odyssey, after the Odyssey just stepped on the toes of the starcruisers...
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