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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Methos wrote: View Post
did the Odyssey 'mission' this morning...

honest thoughts...

the mission... pretty disappointed actually, expected something a lot harder to get the ship... took me about 5 mins max... was thinking it was going to be a proper shake down cruise, not a 'point the sensors here' then 'blow this shit up' and congratulations...

The ship... honestly, meh... possibly because i'm only on a laptop here and can't see it in all it's high res beauty, but the main model looks pretty cool, i do like how the central 'neck' actually stretches around to the saucer section, rather than a standard solid column like most other ships... bit disappointed in the skins for it, you can only have the one setup for the ship, hope they bring out some more model changes for it in future...inside the ship as well... so far the only cosmetic change i've seen is the bridge, which i'll admit looks pretty cool... definitely influenced by the new ST film with the free floating displays around the bridge layout... also, is it me or does the bridge look absolutely huge compared to other bridges?

The engineering, quarters, engineering lab, med bay, crew bar, captains ready room... they're all exactly the same skin as before, not a single change... was hoping for something special there, hopefully to see the new 'warp core' in action in engineering, but it's just the same as before...

here's hoping they add some new bits to this in future...

Expect the real interesting stuff to hit the C-Store next next month or so.
If they fail to release a properly sized interior my ship will sport the upcoming Defiant interior which I expect with the release of the new Feature next week.
That one is simply breathtaking and as IP accurate as the TOS bundle.

I also expect the inevitable +1 versions (yes plural) of the Odyssey to feature some stuff we have seen in the shakedown mission that was missing in the free watered down variant:
An additional universal ensign station, a +30% disruptor resistance console (which will result in Klingons not using disruptors anymore in PvP), the yet unseen saucer seperation and the combat capable aux craft (similar to the Captain's Yacht and the Vulcan heal shuttle) .

I really hope we get a more streamlined size accurate complete modern cruiser ship interior with a better bridge as well.
Dev's have hinted at a TNG style interior they have all but ready for release.

So far the celebrations lack a bit of Oomph, that last year's had with an all new ESD, unseen Q pranks and the fountain madness.
Seriously, what is so difficult about programming a mariachi band playing on every corner of the big stations and matching music?

I really hope we get to see an appearance of the new Enterprise-F in all her glory and a meet and greet of her crew after all the hype.

Plus an updated version of the forgotten and deleted DS9 ground fleet action would be awesome.
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