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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

I'm more impressed with the Odyssey than I thought I'd be. I like having two universal slots. I can see where a Tac or Sci might want to consider using the ship. A Sci character could slot 4 sci boffs. That would be interesting. It has one less Tac console slot than the Excelsior Refit, but a stronger hull and larger crew. For now, it's in my ship inventory and and I'm still in the Excelsior Refit (my engr).

Ironically, I heard a lot of characters complaining about the Odyssey. They didn't know it would be a cruiser. It's a Star Cruiser in fact. What's funny is its picture in the character gui is smaller than the normal Star Cruiser.


Added: I agree with Haggis and tatties. The power drain seems worse.
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