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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Has anyone got the Klingon one yet?

I unlocked Klingon play last night. I might make one just for getting the ship now.

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She had to invent a new language and used the Vulcan in the backstory about finding the language in a temple on a planet they were exploring. On another project, she had to write several stories and the Vulcan was in one of them. The character is kind of her alterego from our Star Trek club. Thanks for asking.
I sort of feel unsmart now.
She's a smart kid. She's in gifted math, science and reading. Plays the violin and piano. Is a gold level swimmer. Plays tennis. Previously did soccer. gynastics and taekwondo. Speaks 5 languages including Latin. In STARFLEET International, she holds the Order of Surak 1st Class.

I used to think I was smart until she came along.

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